The Sleeping Giant is the feature
visitor experience for the Museo del Acero.

Unique special effects and mixed
media brought a dormant iron foundry back to life. The theater itself is actually the former iron furnace, which sat rusting and abandoned for the last twenty years.

Client: Museo del Acero

AldrichPears Associates
CPS Electronics
Performance Solutions
Douglas Welch Design
Taylor Group

Location: Monterrey, Mexico

Opened: 2007
The story of the construction and operation of Furnace #3 told through archival film footage (enhanced to HD) with the voices of actual workers of that era.

This emotional story relates the dangers faced daily by the workers and their sense of national pride in contributing to Mexico’s development.

As these elderly men describe how they made liquid iron, the furnace slowly comes to life.

With dynamic theatrical lighting, animated sets, and real flames, smoke, sparks and steam, the audience gets a you-are-there experience of the power and danger of a working iron foundry. The show finishes in a spectacular light show using the giant furnace, a dramatic and complex sculpture, as the canvas combined with a rich and uplifting musical score.

Museo del Acero: The Sleeping Giant